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Welcome to the Alliance Armed Forces!! We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild, meaning we are focused on progression, but not so much so that we think it is above real life situations. If you are a skilled player, but are unable to raid for reasons such as gear, we are for you!

Are you limited on your progression due to time differences?
Stationed abroad?
Live elsewhere?

We are planning on setting up several different raiding groups to accommodate not only the US player, but those places through-out the world serving our country, or just playing on a US realm.

Raid Team 1:
Group Progression: 8/8, 2/8 HM DS
Time: Wed/Thurs 5pm                       RL:  Rulerguy
Tank: LF Warr or DK                    Range: Wowchicka Mage
Tank:  (Paly)                                   Range:  (Hunter)
Heals: (Priest)                                  Range: LF Warlock
Heals: Rulerguy (Paly)                      Melee:  (Rogue)
Heals/DPSOS: LF Shammy            Melee:  (Druid)

This team is to be considered for the standard raider and for progressions. General knowledge of current class and role are expected. Team Minimum requirements are:
8/8  NORM Experience on current toon
385 ILvL Equipped Minimum in current role wishing to apply.
Must be able to vent during instances.

For interest in any available slots, please apply to the site and ingame eitherUrlifenotmin orTauntz.
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Morning Raid Team!

chiodos, May 28, 12 11:15 AM.
I'm trying to put together a morning raid team. It will most likely be 2 days, as one day won't be enough, I usually work by like 2-5pm server. I'm hoping we can raid on like maybe Friday/Saturday and then Monday for our second day, but I'm open to discussion. Please send me (anything with "Chio" in the name pretty much) or April (Wowchicka/Ihurtu/Urlife) a whisper, comment here, or send an in-game mail about when you'd be available for the morning raid team. We need all spots. If you don't know the fights, I can explain them from most standpoints, i.e. not a tanking viewpoint as I do not have a max level tank (yet). Most likely I will end up leading this raid so if you don't like me please tell me :[


chiodos, May 26, 12 12:46 PM.
I have posted in the forums a list of things the guild needs in terms of mats. Please look at it every couple of days and contribute what you can. We need everyone's help to make this work [;

Core Groups

asbibey, May 26, 12 7:38 AM.
We are down to 1 Core Group. The Tues/Wed and Sunday group are no longer running until further notice. If you are interested in running in the Wed/Thurs Core Group Please get with April (Urlifenotmin/Ihurtu/Wowchicka/Armytrick), This group has been raiding now for 2 weeks.

If anyone is interested in Raid Leading, let us know. Be sure to be reliable and show up on time.


asbibey, May 5, 12 3:02 PM.
There have been some changes in the guild with members leaving, etc. We are going to look over the groups and see if we can condense them or not. If anyone have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Another Productive week!

mcbibey3, Apr 27, 12 8:03 PM.
Thank you all for all the hard work and dedication from the members. Alot go awesome gear and are work in their way through alot of new content. Popping level SIX, increasing our membership, and becoming more social. Am looking at creating a Vent Music bot for all to use.

Raid teams have done alot of bouncing around. Some are doing an outstanding job, some are growing, and well others aren't cutting it. Please be open minded if informed that you are being replaced. its all for the advancement of the guild and the teams ability to overcome issues they might be experiencing. Remember, we run DS like 6 days a week. There will be another chance.

Some have commented on the atmosphere they are experiencing during certian raid groups. Here is an explanation of what to be expecting if you with to be considered for certain groups. Team 1: Lyskerz is an outstanding raid leader and I chose him due to his vast knowledge of the instances and his understanding of most classes and their roles. This is why I chose him for the group that will be tackeling the HMs for the guild. That knowledge will enable him to act upon an instance and understand what to request from his raiders. Now you must understand this is a Hard Core group. The expectations and communication will no be that usually experienced during a normal raid experience. If you cannot accept constructive criticism, fault identification and lack of the motivation to ally those suggestions, this group IS NOT FOR YOU. If you have any experience in Core raiding, ya know what i mean.

Team two. This group is for those that are new to the raiding experiences. A 8/8 LFR is a requirement for consideration and will also be used for trials unless requested for direct invite by one of the two other team commanders. All members participation in these runs will be directly pugged out the guild first. Please keep in mind though wen gotten filled, that instances require certain roles and classes of DPS. For example I cant even attempt to down the Boat with 6 MDPS. So if ya want to go, but cant please keep that in ming if its full a specific  DPS class, Tank class or heal class. I will do my damnedest to ensure that all members of this guild are given a chance to have individual progression and will NEVER down anyone pursuing advancement within their own accord.

Team three, well not too sure what to tell you about this group other than it is for those that are already 8/8 NORM and are have proven able to perform their roles efficiently. I expect this group to progress into the HMs very soon since i have personally raided with several of its members, and know they have the knowledge and experience.

Once again AWESOME job this past week, and Look forward to the next Adventure!!

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